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A few words about Crete


The island of Crete is located in the southeast Mediterranean. Has a length of 260 km and a width of 60 km, and it is an island full of contrasts.

North of Crete there are countless resorts and cities:

- Heraklion with 200.000 residents,

- Chania with 100.000 residents,

Rethimno with approximately 30.000 residents

as well as smaller cities such as Agios Nikolaos and Sitia.

South of Crete there are only towns with the greatest being Ierapetra, Timpaki, Moires, and Paleochora.

The region of Heraklion, the second from the right side, covers an area of 2.011, and it between the regions of Rethimno and Lasithi. It is the most populate region of Crete, and its capital, the city of Heraklion, is the capital of the island.

Other developed cities and villages are; Agia Pelagia, Malia, Hersonissos – a well-organized tourist resort –, Epano Acharnes, Nea Alikarnassos, Moires, and Agia Varvara. The climate of the region is very good, with sunshine most of the time.

There are different mountains, with Dikti and Kofina as the most important as well as a few valleys. You can rent a car or a bike in the many stores of the capital, and other developed villages, or you can explore the county by bus services.


Natural Beauties


The county of Heraklion has a lot of charming locations, ideal for the lovers of nature. Impressive caves like Kamares in Zaro, and villages with golden sandy beaches such as Kali Limenes, feature beautiful images made by nature and time.

There are a lot of areas for climbing and hiking as well as different summer resorts where you can enjoy the sea by doing water ski or wind surfing. The only things you need to explore the beauty of the county of Heraklion is desire for adventure and exploration.


Whenever you are in Crete, remember that there are countless and different routes you can follow if you want to explore Crete, and each of them promises you different surprises and images that alternate constantly. Enjoy rides with your car following the coastline of Crete, or the narrow road in the inlands with the beautiful small villages. Walk in the canyons or climb the peaks of the mountains. Swim in the beaches, do water sports, put on a mask and explore the magic of the sea, or just enjoy the warmth of the sun lying on the sand. Visit the museums and the archaeological sites, spend an educational and joyful morning in Thalassocosmos, one of the biggest aquariums in southeast Mediterranean, play golf with your company, or be a child again in one of the five waterparks of Crete.

Whatever you desire, Crete can satisfy you, mainly because Crete is large, beautiful, and always care for its visitors in the best possible way.